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Thank you for visiting my website!

I would like you to be aware the the cost of these services reflect on the various training I have invested in as well as skill, experience,skin knowledge and using high quality & sterile pigments which are REACH compliant. I use high end PMU devices and high quality disposable cartridge needles which do not cause any trauma to the skin It also covers myself adhering to compliance and legislation policies.

Whilst you are investing in the procedure you require,you want to be assured that you get the best resoultion and results.

Caroline Day Offers:

Permanent / semi Permanent make up Near Norwich, Norfolk and is based in Wymondham.

She also offers breast cancer post mastectomy nipple & areola tattooing in Norfolk and also Webbed toe syndactyly camouflage tattoo separator.

Would you rather pay a lower price or a lower standard of service instead of recieving your face or body to be tattooed safely with an accountable practioner who works with confidence and pride?

All new clients must book a skin patch test and have a thorough consultation which costs £10, this is taken off your treatment cost if you want to go ahead with the treatment and book in straight away.

The consultation can take up to 45 mins if you wanted to see for example, a pre draw of your brows and a short medical questionaire, I will advise you which treatment type to go for. Online booking is available on my website via the purple icon at the bottom right hand side of this page.

A non refundable booking fee is required to secure your appointment. All appointments are required to comply with my cancellation policy.

Appointments are two /Three parts, you have the option to split the payments over the the sessions.

The permanent make up or micropigmnetation I carry out is not to be confused with Microblading, but I do offer hair stroke brows with this method.

Those of you that have had Microbladed or Machine brows elewhere and require a ' TOP UP', This would be classed as a new procedure as some previous healed colour and shape may need modifiying, sometimes a 3rd appointment for colour / shape correction is required where a further payment will be required

Natural hair stroke brows like microblading in Norwich


Price £300 includes one perfecting retouch appointment 4- 6 weeks after.
Payment can be split over the 2 sessions.

Have gaps filled in with a natural brow Hair simulation.
This is NOT suitable for very oily skin.

Retouch must be done within 6-8 weeks After first procedure.

Time duration 2.5 to 3 hours


Powder brows in Norwich Norfolk


Price £300 includes one perfecting retouch appointment 4-6 weeks after.
Payment can be split over the two sessions.

 You Can be bold or subtle.
Can cover up old pmu or microbladed brows or colour correction.


Previous Microbladed Brows Cover & Colour Correction

microblading brows need correcting semi permanent eyelbrows in norwich

Have your previous old PMU or Microbladed brows Colour and shape corrected

Price £300 which includes customised colour correction & brow mapping.

Payment can be split over the 2 sessions.

3rd additional retouch £50 if required

( for difficult skin / previous correctional work  )

Price includes retouch 6 weeks after and a aftercare home kit



Natural eyebrows in Norwich semi permanent eyebrows in Norwich

Combination Brows- Hair strokes & Powder

Price £300 includes one perfecting retouch appointment  4-6 weeks after.
 Retouch must be booked within 6-8 weeks after the first procedure

Time duration 2.5 to 3 hours


lip blush in norwich norfolk have a flash of colour on your lips

Lip Blushing
Price includes second perfecting appointment six weeks after.
There are two looks available
The Lipstick look: Full bold colour £300
The Ombre - A lip outline with a soft fade £280
Payments can be split over the 2 sessions
Includes One perfecting retouch appointment
Time duration 2.5 to 3 hours
* Please Note: Lip fillers should be 6 weeks After this procedure

The retouch must be booked within 6-8 weeks after the first procedure.

permanent eyeliner in Norwich Norfolk

Annual Colour Boosts for returning clients

6 Months And Under Colour Boost From £95
(One Session )

12 -18 Months £150- £200

24 Months- Full price If No or faded Pigment colour is Left

Tel 07984 108764


 **Please stop using eyelash growth serum 3 months before this procedure.***

Colours available are Black, Brown Black, Purple, Navy and green.

Choices are a simple eyelash enhancement along the lash line, a smoky eyeliner effect in any other colour! or a classic Latino Flick or an Eyeshadow with a small flick!

Prices include one retouch

Aftercare Home Kit

Classic Eyeliner / Eyelash Enhancement

Top lid £250

With Bottom £280

Bottom lid Only £150

Latino Flick £275​

Smoky Eyeliner £275

i shadow with flick £275

Retouch must be booked in 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment.










3D Restorative areola and nipple tattooing for breast cancer survivors in Wymondham Norwich Norfolk

Restorative Areola & Nipple Tattooing
Bespoke 3D areola and nipple tattooing is for breast cancer survivors post mastectomy.
After breast reduction / lift/ Augmentation
Trans gender

Price Includes one retouch 8 weeks after

Single Areola £300
th £400

Missed Appointment For Retouch Appointment.
This is if you have missed your complimentory appointment or failed to gave 48 hours cancellation notice.

Webbed Toes Syndactyly Camouflage Separator Tattoo
First session £150
Second £100
3rd £100

For one Foot
Instead of having surgery, you can have the shadow gap camouflaged thus creating the toes to look seperated.
There may be 2 or 3 appointments for this procedure, 6 weeks apart
Webbed toes syndactyly toe separator camouflage tattoo in Norwich Norfolk webbed toes treatment in Norfolk
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