eyebrows makeup

Procedure Requiremnts.

Covid 19:If you are having the Covid vaccine; it must be 2 weeks before permanent make up and 3 weeks after permanent make up, this includes your booster vaccine.

Please rescedule your appointment if you feel you are having symptons of Covid or other coughs colds and viruses.

The studio has hand washing facililities and full PPE is worn.

We also use hospital grade discinfectants on site.



Most people can have permanent cosmetics but there are some medical conditions where you cannot have the treatment done.

Sometimes we do require a letter of consent from your G.P if you are on certain medications ie high blood pressure. Also some skin conditions such as active acne and rossacea are unsuitable for permanent cosmetics.

The below list is contra indicated and we cannot perform permanent cosmetics. We also require a patch test which includes a free consultation before your appointment, 24 hours before.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding.

On blood thinning medication including aspirin

Have auto immune disease


Prone to keloid scars

skin diseases & disorders which are active on the local area

What to expect after the procedure and healing

All pigments will appear darker at first and will lighten up to 50%

Black eyeliners can heal grey / blue at some point after healing

If you want the lip colour procedure and you suffer from coldsore ( herpes simplex ) You need to get prescription of acclivor from your GP, ask to have it on repeat prescription as you need to take it a week before the treatment, during healing and again for the retouch. we cannot guarantee you will not have a breakout. Any breakouts will cause unevenness of the pigment.

  • Lip colour can fade up to 75%

  • Lips can be very chapped a few days after the procedure.

  • Please do not pick at them as that will cause the pigment to unsettle and can cause scarring.

  • It is down to you to follow the correct aftercare given if you want the area to heal properly.

  • You will get some skin shedding over the weeks and will get patchiness- Do not worry, this is normal!

  • Sometimes it looks like the pigment has dissappeared, don't worry, it will return.

  • Your natural pigment undertones will determine the colour outcome of the pigment, this is down to your own skin!  Any colour corrections needed will be performed during your retouch procedure.

  • When you return for your top up 4-6 weeks later, after they have healed,you will see how your brows, Lips or eyes are going to be for the long term.

  • The pigment will fade over time, especially if exposed to UV light constantly. This is when you have the choice to have a colour refresh every 12-18 months, depending on your skin.

  • Always wear a sunscreen


Please be aware that the pigment is permanent, even if it has faded, it will always be in your


Q) What happens during my treatment?

A) After returning any forms and a thorough consultation, we would measure your brow design, lip or eye template.

There are a choice of pigment colours which we can discuss.

We would also talk about which eyebrow look would suit your face and skin type.

Q) Does the procedure hurt?​

A)  You may feel a little scratching / strobe sensation throughout tthe treatment and will feel some soreness towards then end. We will make you feel comfortable as much as possible throughout the treatment.

Everyone's skin differs.

Q) How does the eyebrow , eyeliner and lip micropigment tattoo work?.​

A) The pigment is implanted into the upper layer of the Dermis by a disposable cartridge needles.

Q) Is it the same as microblading?​

A) We can still achieve hair strokes with the needle,In fact we can creare more looks with different needle configerations.

Microblading has been around for a long time, it isn't a new procedure.

Microblading can be more traumatic to the skin as the blade is slicing into the skin, like all types of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, it isn't suitable for everyone and having continuous top ups with the blades can cause permanent scarring.​

Q) I am having chemotherapy, can I have this treatment?

A) Yes, you can have the treatments 6 weeks before you start chemotherapy and 6- 8 weeks after you finish your treatment, also if your blood platelets are back to normal.

We will require a letter of consent from your consultant.