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Organic neroli & Rose geranium waters with organic rose geranium and yarrow essential oils.

The perfect microblading and micropigmentation aftercare cleanser, this mist will reduce scabs forming, support healing and prolong pigment retention.

Best applied 2 days before and for 4 weeks after treatment to minimise crusting and pigment loss.

A tiny amount should be sprayed on a damp cotton pad and very gently wiped across the brow or treated area, applying no pressure from 4 hours after treatment.

Our favourite flower extract yarrow was added for its anti-septic properties, it helps the healing process, reduces redness and can even be applied as a toner for your facial routine.

Brow consultants use this mist during treatments.

MBC CleansingMist for tattoos, Micropigmentation & Microblading 60ml

SKU: 217537123517253
  • soothing, cleansing and helps heal taattos, micropigmenatation and microblading, gentle antiseptic.

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