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3D restorative and areola nipple tattooing for breast cancer survivors in Norwich Norfolk by caroline Day

What is medical micropigmentation?

This is when the artist creates a new nipple and areola for breast cancer survivors post surgery.

Scar camouflage is also for people who have sustained injuries through accidental trauma, combat injuries and surgery .

Trauma scars benefit from MCA ( microneedling ) as a first choice.

This softens scars and creates a lovely base to carry out Micro pigmentation on the area which blends the scar with your natural skin tones.

Scars include:

  • Breast lift scars

  • Mastectomies

  • After Male Breast Reduction  (Gynecomastia ) Areola & Nipple Replacement )

  • Face Lift Scars

  • Surgery scars from Breast  reduction

  • Blends Skin Grafts

  • Tummy tuck scars

  • Trauma from accidents

  • Trauma from combat

  • Burns

  • Cleft Palate

  • Self Harm Scars

  • Transgender surgery 

unilateral areola and nipple tattoo
Bilateral 3D restorative areola and nipple tattooing for breast cancer survivors after mastectomy and breast reconstruction nipple and areola tatooing in Norwich Norfolk breast lift scar camouflage in Norwich breast augmentation areola tattooing in Norwich Norfolk

Restorative Areola And Nipple Tattooing For Breast Cancer Survivors and also for transgender men and women.

Men who have had male reduction surgery ( Gynecomastia ) and have lost the areolas.

Having the areola and nipple tattooing can finalise your breast cancer journey, your trans gender journey, it can give you back body confidence and also your mental health wellbeing.


  • Ideally, it is best to wait between 6/12/18 months after surgery until the skin's scar tissue has healed, sometimes longer as each individual is different.

  • 6 months after Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy.

  • Your immune system may be put under a lot of strain in trying to heal a tattoo too early, especially after such strong medication

  • Nipple sparing grafts may have to wait up to two years for the scar to heal fully, depending on the individual. The tissue here is delicate so tattooing on this area too soon may cause trauma.

  • The wait is normally 6 months after non nipple sparing mastectomy.

  • For Bilateral mastectomy  we will create a template and colour swatches for the new areola and nipples

  • For unilateral we will match the your existing shape and colour as much as possible.

  • You will come back 6/8 weeks after the area has healed to review the tattoo, we can add some more detail and perfect and patchiness and colour fading. 

  • Caroline only uses REACH compliant and cruelty free pigments and inks and has a range of colours that will suit all skin colours.

  • You will be given an aftercare home kit which contains coverings and healing ointment as well as constant support afterwards.

Treatment Pricing.

There are 2 options:

 1) Paying clients:

Single Areola £300

Both £400

( Price Includes One Retouch 6/8 weeks After )


2 ) For paying Private Medical Insurance Cover please contact Caroline.

3D areola and nipple tattooing after breast augmentation breast lift in Norwich Norfolk
Bilateral nipple and areola tattoo in Norwich Norfolk

F.A Q's

Q ) Does the tattooing hurt?

A) If you have any senstation around the nipple area, you may want to apply emla numbing cream 20 minutes before.

The area will be tender to touch after the treatment, this is completely normal.

Q) Why do i need to come back for a retouch?

A) The retouch appointment will be 8 weeks after,

the skin will shed over 4/6 weeks and will take pigment along with it, it is better for the skin to take time with shorter treatments, this will be less traumatic for the skin. The retouch appointment we can add more detail and add or darken the colours if needed.

Q) What is the aftercare?

A)You will be given an aftercare home kit that contains an information leaflet, dressings and a natural healing balm .Everything will be verbally explained to you and you will have full support after the procedure.

Q) Can i bathe and swim?

A) No long soaks in the bathe and swimming is allowed for two weeks as well as heat treatments and heavy exercise .

Long term use, please use a barrier cream on the area if you are a regular swimmer.

Restorative areola and nipple tattoo.jpg
Restorative areola and nipple tattoo.jpg
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