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Face And Body Treatments

  • Surgery Scar Camouflage

  • Webbed Toe Syndactyly Camouflage

  • Microneedling Scars & Stretch Marks

  • MESO  / Microneedling For Facial Burns,Scars, Acne Scars


Caroline can help your face and body scars, wether it be surgery scars from tummy tucks, breast augementation, anchor scars, stretch marks on tummy, thighs and arms. vitiligo on the body, self harm scars, trauma scars , cleft palate and skin grafts For all scars it is advisable to have a course of microneedling first and this prepares the scar tissue for camouflage.

Another amazing treatment Caroline offers is webbed toe Syndactyly camouflage tattoo. This condition in where the toes are fused togther,which is very commona and affects more men then women, it generally runs in families. caroline can create a tattoo which gives the illusion of a toes being seperated, normally 3 sessions is required, 6 weeks apart.

Caroline will not tattoo stretch marks as they can heal a an undesirable colour in the future, microneedling or inkless tattooing is best for this!

How does microneedling treat scars?

This treatment has been around for a very long time and has proven to work.

The needles stimulate the skin's natural collagen as well as elastin production. Also cell regeneration on the treated area. The fibrous damaged tissue is broken down within the scar to enable more mobility. Melanocytes are stimulated which results in an increase of melanin/ skin pigment in the area.

Raised skin scars are flattened and tight scar tissue is relaxed.

Repeat visits are advised every 4/6 weeks.

Please Contact Caroline via the form below, she will be happy to give you any advice you need.

Inkless tattooing for strecth marks in Wymondham Norwich

Inkless Tattooing / Microneedling For Stretch Marks

Inkless Tattooing / microneedling for stretch marks on anywhere on the body.

Single Treatment £100 per area.

A course is recommended for maximum results

Webbed toes syndactyly separator treatment webbed toes separator camouflage tattoo in Norwich Norfolk

Webbed Toe Syndactyly Camouflage

We can create a toe seperator tattoo to the affected area. normally 3 sessions is required, 6 weeks apart. This treatment id confidence building and is suitable if the individual does not want to have surgery on it.

First session is £150

Second Session £100

Third session £100

Microneedling acne scars wrinkles in Wymondham Norwich Norfolk

Mesotherapy For Facial Burns & Scars

Mesotherapy with Hyaluronic Acid / Microneedling can Help heal facial scars and burns. Microneedling is a controlled treatment which creates micro wounds into the scar tissue, this encourages your natural collagen and melancytes to repair the area. Scar tissue is softened thus enabling more movement and less of a tight feel.

Single Treatment £100

Breast Surery Scar Microneedling in Wymondham, Norwich Norfolk

Scar Camouflage

Scar Camouflage is for surgery scars , vitiligo, combat scars, self harm scars or accidental trauma scars anywhere on the body, it is prefered to have a course of microneedling beforehand if the scars are raised,  having them flattened prepares them for the camouflage and you will get better results!

You can have a colour wash to blend in your scars or a mosaic of colours, depending on the type of scar you have.

Caroline can give you a consultation to see if your scars are suitable without microneedling first.

£150 per session

A skin patch test is required first for a colour match

Based at Pampers Beauty Centre, 28 London Street, Norwich, NR2 1LD
And Wymondham Home Clinic
Tel 07984 108764


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