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Why Is permanent make up expensive???

The first question I get asked about permanent makeup- normally brows is:

How Much is it? I am getting a few quotes in the area....


So is the price more important to you than the actual procedure which can be permanent on your face????

I also get asked for a 'Top up' over some other artists work.

I havn't a clue what pigments they have used, sometimes the client does not know if it was microblading or digital brows that they had.

Correcting other peoples work can be difficult, especilally if you have to try and cover over salmon pink or grey eyebrows.

Ok, this is how much an artist pays out for his or her training, to a reputable trainer,( not a dodgy two day microblading course )

About 10K for eyebrows, lips and eyeliner.

It does not stop there, additional training for the latest advanced looks.

Inocculations for Hep B £150

X 2 liscenses £400

Extra insurance £300 a year

Machine form £1000

Consumables like PPE

Needles pigments etc...

Shall I go on??????

Time and skill has a huge part of it too.

Remember that the self employed are not on a salary.

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