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Permanent Lip Blush / Lip Colour / Aquarelle Lips

I am very pleased thatm I am getting more and more interest in this procedure! I love doing lips!

What is the difference of the three treatment names?

The full lip colour has the outer lip contoured and the rest of the lip is a full colour.

The lip blush has a soft border, and has an ombre effect, there is a colour fade going toward the softer lip tissue.

Aquarelle lips, has a thin sharp border, and the rest of the lip is pixelated.

We use Clinita pigments which are safe, sterile and cruelty free.

we use a disposable cartridge needle. We also aim to make you comfortable throughout the treatment, this can take up to 3 hours which includes the pre draw. This is a two part procedure, the second one you have 4-6 weeks apart.

You can have any colour you wish, some of our clients bring they're usual lipstick with them so we can create a colour match.

Get in touch for a free non obligation consultation and patch test or to find out more about the treatment.

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