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After Breast Cancer And Breast Lift Surgery Restorative areola  nipple tattooing after breast lift.

After Breast Cancer And Breast Lift Surgery.
I am very happy to be offering this amazing treatment for breast cancer survivors and also post breast lift / augmentation ( where most of the areola has been taken away )

This tattoo can make your journey complete, that is the feedback I have been getting through my ladies that come to me.
The procedure is for all skin colours. Restorative areola  nipple tattooing after breast lift 

Privately paid clients may contact me to book also through AXA.

I have had experience creating Restorative areola and nipple tattooing for breast cancer patients at an NHS hospital.

A patch test and free consultation is requied ( patch test can be posted to you) and consultation can be done on Whatssapp video if you are travelling to me.

I can create a bepoke areola and nipple which will match your existing one, if you have uni lateral double mastectomy, we can still do this for you.

For more information please look at this website or I am happy to speak to you!


Please contact Caroline on 07984 108764

After mastectomy and breast reduction we can create a new areola and nipple
3D restorative areola and nipple tattooing

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