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Microblading/ Micropigmentation Eyebrows in Norwich-Get those brows you have always dreamed of!

So I get asked what is the difference between microblading and micropigmentation eyebrows?
A microblade tool can create crisp hair strokes the the blade and sometimes a very skilled person can create shading.

Microblading is mostly suitable for young, normal skin

With microblading, you cannot have many 'top ups' due to the blade creating trauma and scarring to the skin.

Micropigmentation brows is where a digital device is used with disposable cartridge needles, to create hair strokes and a powder brow, this is less traumatic for the skin.
This is suitable for all skin types and ages.
This technique can also cover up previous microbladed and PMU brows.

I carry out micropigmentation brows from my home clinic in Wymondham.

I have taken extensive training within permanent make up and only use high end pigments that heal into a natural colour with no nasty after effects! Get those brows you have always dreamed of!

I offer consultations along with skin patch testing with a medical questionaire.

Previous microbladed brows have been corrected with micropigmnetation
Micropigmentation Brows

Get those brows you have always dreamed of!Please get in touch , I am happy to help you get some amazing brows!

Booking App:
Tel 07984 108764

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