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Microblading Top up Felixstowe

The eyebrows and permanent make up procedures I do is called Micropigmentation, Not to be confused with microblading.
We Can create soft natural brows with Micropigmentation where we uses disposable cartridge needles instead of a blade, Microblading does not suit oily and mature skin. Micropigmentation on the other hand is more gentle to the skin and you can have numerous ' top up' over time but with Microblading you cant.

The Microblading brows I have been ' Topping up' ( originally another artist's work ) Does seem to require more correctional work- i.e shape, design and colour correction. This cannot been done in one session, its normally a two part procedure 4/6 weeks apart.
Hence I do not charge for a 'top up' fee on other peoples work when it really needs a new design and colour!

Please get in contact for a free consultation and patch test.

Best Wishes
Caroline x

Caroline Day Permanent Cosmetics
07984 108764


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