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Microneedling & Camouflage For Scars, Burns & Skin Grafts

I have just completed amazing training with the very talented and lovely Kelly Forshaw Smith at Finishing Touches Group!
Kelly showed me how to do microneedling to soften and flatten scars from stretch marks, surgery scars from tummy tucks, facial scars like cleft palets, trauma from accidents, breast lift scars and of course breast cancer surgeries. I had losts of hands on training!

It is much prefered to carry out microneedling treatments first to treat scars before camouflage.

Not only can it flatten and soften a scar, it can encourage your natural pigment to reform from the damage.
At a last resort, We can also do skin camouflage to blend into your natural skin colour too and meso therapy to help with burns scars
This treatment is suitable for all skin colours.

If this is something of interest to you please get in touch with Caroline



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