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Permanent Make Up F.A.Q's

These are some of the questions I get asked by clients, so I thought I would do a little blog on this subject!

Thank you for reading

Caroline x

Q) What is the difference between Microblading and micropigmentation machine brows?

A) Microblading is really suitable for young normal skin, not for mature skin nor very oily skin.

The microblade is a blade that creates 'hair strokes' with a blade, this is cheaper to have done than machine brows, but you should really do your research with going to the right technician, you should not have this treatment done more than 3 times as scarring can occur.

Micropigmentation/ digital/ machine or PMU brows are suitable for all skin types, for all ages. The disposable cartridge needles have different configurations, thus to create hair strokes or a powder brows, as well as eyeliner and lip blush colour.

This treatment is a bit more expensive than microblading,

Q) So what is the difference between semi permanent make up and permanent make up? which one lasts the longest?

A) it is the same thing, the modern title for this is PMU, although organic pigments stay longer in the skin than inorganic pigments, You would prefer to have the brows fading over time so you can have retouches, maybe colour correct, change the shape of the brow or add hair strokes further down the line, fashion changes!

With organic pigments they stay put. I always refer this to PMU, even though the pigment is faded, it will always be in your skin.

Q) When tattooing the lips, can you create a larger lip by going outside the lip border?

A) yes and no!

If the lip tissue is pale, and there are no pores ( pores show that it's skin, not lip tissue ) If its lip tissue you can go about 1mm out.

You cannot tattoo on skin as it will heal a different colour.

Q) So PMU is a tattoo?

A) Yes, so is microblading

Q) Will having eyeliner cause my eyelashes to fall out?

A) No, we do not tattoo that deep into the skin, we tattoo into the upper layer of the epidermis

Q) I want Botox and lip fillers, which should I have first?

A) Botox 3/4 weeks after the brows, lip filler 3 weeks before lip blushing

Q) I have dark grey eyebrows done elsewhere from numerous sessions, can you go over them?

A) I would advise removal to lighten them first, you cannot cover them up as the skin is like a sponge and absorbs colour, the dark grey will simply come back.

Q) Do you shave the existing eyebrow hair off first before doing brows?

A) No, we like to follow your natural hair growth pattern and keep as much natural hair within the template.

Caroline Day Permanent Cosmetics

07984 108764


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