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Summer Sale! Micropigmentation Brows

At last! we have some sunshine! We all want our eyebrows and eyeliner to stay put in the heat and that includes those luckily enough to have a summer holiday abroad in the heat!

The best thing about permanent make up or Micropigmentation Brows that it heals naturally in the skin, it does not look like a tattoo.

Micropigmentation Brows that look like hair strokes or a powder brow

Eyes enhanced with permanent eyeliner, including eyelash enhancement.

Lip blush is exactly that, a blush of natural colour.

I am offering £50 off eyebrow micropigmentation ( £300 instead of £350 which includes a retouch )

and if you refer a friend to me for Micropigmentation Brows,You can have £30 off your next treatment.

This offer is on until 31st July so get booking!

PSSTTTTT.......Dont forget to book

Cover up previous microblading with a soft powder brow
Micropigmentation Brows

your patch test with consultation first and do not forget to check contra indications on my website if you are on medictaion or have a medical condition.

Hope to see you soon!



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