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Let's talk about Semi permanent eyebrows!

I get asked about the eyebrow procedures; what is the difference with powder brows, hairtrokes or combination brows?

Hairstroke brows, sometimes called 3D brows, mimic the natural hairgrowth to the client's existing brow hairs. Only suitable for normal skin.

Hairstrokes are lovely when added to existing natural hair but can look stark where there is no brow hair present.

Powder brows when healed, look like eyebrow make up. They can have more of a block effect or a soft velvety finish.

Suitable for all skin types.

Ombre / shaded brows are a faded brows, similar to the powder brow; the tail tail looks darker then there is a fade toward the bulb, The top of the brow spine is pixelated which leaves a soft finish and no harsh lines.

This is my favourite eyebrow as it suits everyone!

Combination brows is where the client has hair strokes and powder inbetween the hair strokes, this is the most popular brow service as its suits everybody.

I always carry out a pre draw during all consultations and during the patch test procedure if required.

Get in touch today for a free consultation .

Ombre Eyebrows By Caroline Day

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