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After Breast Reduction Surgery After breast reduction / lift

After breast reduction / lift

restorative areola micro pigmentation tattoo after breast reduction and lift in Norfolk
After Breast Reduction for nipples and areolas

Tattooing to re- create the areola that has been taken away by these talented surgeons

After breast reduction / lift

I have met and helped some amazing clients since moving to Norfolk this Summer!

Some of them have had surgery and have lost their areolas, this has knocked their body confidence, they have said they feel un- feminine, sadly. I carry out scar camouflage and areola and nipple tattooing, not just for women who have had masatectomies, but have had breast lifts and reduction.We do a colour match to your existing areola and fall all skin colours.

The appointments are normally two part appointments, the perfecting retouch appointment is 8 weeks after the initial one. I offer a consultation and skin patch testing.

I always create the areola a little bigger, this allows for some shrinkage when healing. Please get in touch if you are interested in the procedure. I look forward to helping you!

Love Caroline

I have online booking: https//

Tel 07984 108764


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