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Eyebrows In Wymondham

Eyebrows certainly frame the face and can take years off you! They also give you a mini face lift.
Micropigmentaion brows are carried out using a digital device and disposable cartridge needles, which can cause less trauma to the skin.

The treatment is suitable for busy lives, poor eyesight, aloecia, sparce brows and post chemotherapy, for women and men.

The pigments I use are very hight quality and REACH compliant and do not heal into a funky colour in the future, I can create hair stroke brows, powder brows or a combination of the both. I can also cover faded previous microblading and PMU brows and eyelinr within reason ( If your brows are very dark and satuated into a dark grey colour, then you will probably need laser removal as I cannot cover over )
During your appointment, you will have a bespoke template created for you to see and pigment colour matching. You will have your perfecting retouch about 5/6 weeks after where I can tweak the shape and colour and fill any gaps.
Book a consultation and skin patch test with me and I can explain your options.

Caroline Day
Tel 07984 108764


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