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Breast Reduction Surgery Scars Treatments in Wymondham, Norwich Norfolk. Breast Surgery Scar Camouflage and Microneedling

Breast reduction surgery involves incisions, resulting in permanent scars. The extent of scarring can vary depending on the surgical technique and individual healing characteristics. While efforts are made to minimise scarring and place incisions in inconspicuous locations, some visible scars may remain. In some cases, parts of the areola ( as well as breast tissue ) is removed.

Once the scars have healed, which can take up to a year to 18 month and sometimes longer depending on your skin type, healing and age.

The first and best option is that I can treat the scars with Micro needling, which will flatten the scars, break down fibrous tissue, thus making the scar more mobile and less tight. Possibly 3/ 6 sessions is required for more raised scars.

Breast Surgery Scar Camouflage and Microneedling

This will create a platform for scar camouflage, the pigment will blend the scar into your natural skin tone, this may take several sessions.

White flat scars are perfect to camouflage over but healed purple ones will be more stubborn.

The breast and areola may be left with an anchor scar which we can micro needle, the white ring scar around the areola can be camouflage and re balanced within your existing areola and we will carry out a colour swatch to get the perfect match.

If you are interested in having these procedures done my me, Caroline Day, do not hesitate to contact me for a face to face consultation.

I am happy to help, whatever gender you are.

Caroline Day

Tel 07984 108764

Caroline Dat carried out micro needling on the scar then restorative areola tattooing in Wymndham Norwich Norfolk
Anchor Scar Treatment on the scar and areola


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