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Lip Blush In Wymondham, Norfolk -The answer to a long lasting lipstick or lip gloss is Lip Blush! Th

What is a long lasting lipstick or lip gloss?

The Answer: Permanent lip Blush!

The answer to a long lasting lipstick or lip gloss is permanent make up lip blush!

But will it look too bright if I want to go a make up free day???

The Answer is no.

Having a lip blush is a great alternative if you do not fancy having lip filler.

You have several option, You can have a lip liner effect with an ombre colour fade.

A full lip stick look with or without an outline.

Does the colour fade when healed? yes it does, up to 50%

If your target colour is a lovely medium pink, then you must have your lips tattooed a red colour first.

So the lighter colour you choose the lighter it will look. You can even have a natural lip colour which matches your own if you have uneven lip tone.

You will get some swelling and a flaking stage. The lips look like lots of colour pixels which look so pretty.

You have the retouch 6 weeks after.

Please note: If you get cold sores, you must have a course of anti viral tablets ( Like Acclivor ) before and during the procedure, then again for the retouch.

I have some beautiful REACH compliant lip colours in stock, book your lip blush now!

Caroline Day

Tel 07984 108764

Wymondham, Norfolk Based.

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