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Webbed Toe Syndactyly help Without Surgery in Norfolk

I have recently added a new treatment added to my menu!
Something very different!

Webbed Toe Syndactyly is very common and affects men more than women and it often runs in families, one in every 2000 are born with this condition.

Webbed toes Syndactyly help without surgery!

Instead of having surgery to seperate the toes, we can create a seperator tattoo to give the illusion that the toes are seperated, by creating a shadow in between them.

The micropigmntation procedure can take 2 or 3 session, 6 weeks apart to complete ( every skin is different! ) and may require an annual colour boost to refresh the colour.

With all my medical tattooing and permanent make up, I require a patch test first with a short medical questionaire.

Please get in touch should you require any more information or wish to book, alternatively, my online booking app:
Tel or Whatsapp: 07984 108764

Best Wishes
Caroline Day

* Photo aknowledgements and permission to use to El Truchan @ Perfect Definition Academ


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