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"Everything You Need to Know About Permanent Eyeliner in Wymondham, Norfolk"

Permanent eyeliner saves you from applying your eyeliner every morning! no more smudges!
This is ideal if you have trouble seeing properly in the mirror if you are a glasses wearer, also if you have alopecia and following chemotherapy, your eyelashes may not have grown back so well.
You can have an eyelash enhancement if you wanted something subtle.
A latino / winged eyeliner is a classis look and lifts your eyes as the wing follows your eyelashes up to your eye socket. You can also have a standard line with a smoky look above in a warm brown black.
The treatment is not as scar as you think it is going to be and it does heal quite quickly, do expect a little soreness and swelling for a couple of days but it is so worth it!
wake up with permanent eyeliner! No more smudges!

I work from my quiet home clinic in Wymondham, Norfolk which has parking.
Caroline Day Permanent Cosmetics
Wymondham, Norfolk

permanent eyeliner have an eyelash enhancement or a wing or a smoky look.
i shadow permanent eyeliner in Wymondham, Norfolk


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