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Treatments For Areola / Nipple Breast Reduction Surgery Scars in Norfolk.

I have been helping some women with their breast surgery scars by restorative areola and nipple tattooing in Norfolk, along with microneedling surgery scars. which is very much like collagen induction therapy.Breast surgery scar treatments in Norfolk
The restorative tattooing is normally carried out in tow sessions, the second perfecting treatment is carried out 8 weeks after the initial one. With breast reduction, you are left with an anchor scar, a circle around the areola, which healed white, which is prefect for camouflage! followed by a downwards scar then one underneath the breast. The downwards and underneath scar would benefit with microneedling first, which would help flattedn the scar, encourages your melancytes to the area and collagen, this also breaks down tight scar tissue. This is a body confidence treatment! also available for breast cancer survivors post mastectomy and people that have gone through trans gender surgery, and needs new areolas!

Breast surgery scar treatments in Norfolk

I work from my quiet home clinic in Wymondham, Norfolk. I carry out consultations and along with skin patch testing, which can be booked online:

Breast surgery scar treatment in Norfolk, scar camouflage and restorative areola tattooing in Norfolk
Breast Lift Surgery Scar Treatment with Camouflage


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