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Webbed Toes on Feet Syndactyly Treatment In Norwich, Norfolk

I have recently added this amazing new treatment to my list of medical and cosmetic treaments.
Webbed toes treatment near Norwich, Norfolk.

My name is Caroline Day and I offer permanent make up and medical micropigmentation for breast cancer survivors; post mastectomy in Wymondham near Norwich, Norfolk.

I have recently trained in webbed toe Syndactyly Webbed toes treatment near Norwich Norfolk which involves creating a shadow separator by tattooing in between the toes, this is normally carried out over 3 sesssion, 6 weeks apart.
This is suitable for people who do not want to have surgery.

Should you be interested in having any procedure done I require a skin patch test and a consultation,which can be carried out over video call, patch test can be posted out to you if you live far from me.

You can book online:
07984 108764

The below image is by my trainer, El Truchan who permitted me to use the photo.

Webbed Toe Syndactyly Webbed toes treatment near Norwich Norfolk

Webbed toes Syndacyly toe separator by camouflage tattoo in Wymondham, near Norwich Norfolk
Webbed Toe Syndactyly Treatment by Camouflage tattoo


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