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Why have permanent make up?

I offer permanent make up from my quiet home clinic in Wymondham, Norfolk.
consultations come with a skin patch test, medical questionaire and a pre draw of your chosen area.
permanent make up in Norfolk

What is micropigmentation?

Mineral pigments are implanted into the upper layers of the demis ( not tattoo ink) with a disposable cartridge needle and a digital pen like device.
This is a two part proceudre where your perfecting retouch will happen in 6 weeks to fill in any gaps or darken the pigment.
During the initial appointment, a pre draw template is drawn on you, you get to see pigment colour choices too.

Areas I work in are: Eyebrows - hair strokes / powder brow ( which looks like eyebrow powder make up )

Eyeliners: simple eyelash enhancement, small latino flick , winged eyeliner, smoky eyeliner. shaded eyeliner . Colours are black, brown black, purple navy and green .

Lip Blush : definition to the lip line and a soft colour ( Tip: bring your lipstick or gloss with you to your consultation appointment ) Lip blush heals a lot softer due to the nature of the lip tissue.
permanent make up in Norfolk
Medical micropigmentation: 3D restorative areola and nipple tattooing is aimed for breast cancer survivors and also breast reduction. Also inludes surgery scar scar camouflage. Areola micropigmentation is two appointments 8 weeks apart, scar camouflage may vary depending on the scar.

These treatments are body confidence building and the permanent make up is aimed for busy lives, make up free holiday!permanent make up in Norfolk

All procedures heal natural looking! they do not look like a tattoo.

Get in touch with me for a consultation which can be booked via my online booking:


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