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Why is permanent make up expensive?

PMU is far more in depth than doing nails or beauty treatments

I will break down the costs for you so you get a better understanding.

When you choose a reputable trainer, the courses are:

From 5k

Next comes the pmu device from 1k

Your training kit on top.

Extra insurance on top of your existing insurance anything from £300

Hepatitis B vaccines £150

Two Tattooing licenses - one personal license and one premises one.

From £70-£340 depending on your area.

Lots of consumables too.

REACH compliant safe pigments are from £35-£75 a bottle ( 5 or 10ml )

Safety cartridge needles are not cheap high quality ones.

Lots of add on training masterclasses as trends and new techniques come out.

One masterclass can set you back from 1k

Remember if you are researching somebody to give you permanent eyeliner or eyebrows, or a 'top up' on somebody else's microbladed brows; look at they're prices as it will reflect on the training they have done and re invested in. Cheap pmu and microblading does not heal pretty and is expensive to correct.


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