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Skin Treatments
Dermaplane Facial

This treatment is over 40 years old!

A surgical blade gently and safely removes peach fuzz Velus hair and dead skin from your face.
You can see results straight away! leaving baby soft, new and glowing skin. It's a non invasive, relaxing and comfortable treatment.

The benefits are:

*Fine lines are softened.
*Helps to unclog pores
*Removal of the peach fuzz hair enables your skin care products to absorb deeper into your skin, you also use less product amount.
*Your make up will glide on easily.
*The facial hair can trap dirt and bacteria,having this removed will help prevent breakouts.
*Removal of dead skin and dry patches will create softer even skin.
*The  Swiss Enzyme peel will remove any remaining dead skin for an extra deep clean, should you require this.
*All of the Dermaplane treatments are finished with a serum and an SPF 50

Classic Dermaplane £45
With Toskani Vitamin  Mask £55


These chemical peels have little downtime!

  • Target hyperpigmentation

  • sun damage

  • Acne

  • Acne scarring and blemishes

  • Fine lines

  • Medium wrinkles

  • Dry & Sensitive skin

  • This skin treatments includes deep cleansing, soothing serum, spf 50.

  • You can have a peel every 2 to 4 weeks.

  • A course of 6 is recommended for skin concerns

 Price : £45 Includes Cleansing and SPF50


  • If you do not fancy having injectables then Microneedling or / Collogen induction therapy aims is a great alternative, a course is recommended for concerns like acne scars, one treatment a month.

  •   It's aims are :

  • Improve acne scars

  • large pores

  • Sun Damage

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Stimulates your natural Collogen

  • Improves scars

  • Evens out skin tone 

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Stimulates your natural collogen

Microneedling Facial Treatment includes:

 Cleanse, a gentle peel, Microneedling the whole face and neck area,  HA  (Hyaluronic acid) and cooling  Ice Globes To Finish £75

With Vitamin Mask £85

 Combined Chemical Peel & Microneedling HA & Ice Globes £120 single session

Course of 3 £340
Course of 6 £700


Anti ageing facial in Wymondham, microneedling hyaluronic acide facial in wymondham norwich, TOSKANI Meso therapy in Wymondham Norwich, Norfolk
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