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CanSurgery Scars Breast surgery scars can be softened

Can I have my breast surgery scars treated?

The answer is yes! with micro needling and then scar camouflage.

The scars must be fully healed - looking at from 12 months plus upwards, depending on your skin.Breast surgery scars can be softened.

We cannot work over keloid scars. Breast surgery scars can be softened

Micro needling has been around for a long time, it is like basically tattooing over the scars without pigment or ink, it is a controlled trauma to the scar which encourages collagen into the area, flattens scar tissue, encourages new skin colour ( melancytes ) breaks down fibrous tight tissue which makes the scar more flexible, this creates a better foundation for camouflage micro pigmentation.

Depending on your skin,Breast surgery scars can be softened it can take 1- 3 sessions of micro needling- 4/6 weeks apart then 2/3 sessions of scar camouflage 6 weeks apart.

I can work on scars such as face lift scars, breast reduction scars, anchor scars, mastectomy scars, skin graft colour blend and trauma scars.

Please get in touch with me, Caroline Day or visit my website www.carolinedaypmu,uk I offer consultations too which can be booked online on my app

I will look forward to meet you and help you get your body confidence back

Regards Caroline Day


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