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Dermaplane Facial in Wymondham, near Norwich Norfolk

This facial has been around for a very long time and has become popular again!Dermaplane facial in Wymondham, Norfolk  Dermaplane facial in Wymondham, Norfolk 

The best thing about this facial is that you can see the results instantly!

The benefits from this facial is that you reduce the amount of foundation you use, as it can sit on top of the peach fuzz hair, removes dead skin so your moisturisers can absorb into the skin better, you skin will look instantly clearer and smoother. I would say this is not suitable if you have active acne or such like.

So what happens during the procedure.? We firstly cleanse the skin the skin twice, then a sterile disposable blade is attached to a surgical steel hand tool, gently and slowly the blade removes the peach fuzz Vellus hair on the face, then the second pass we gently remove a layer of dead skin.

My favourite part of the facial is when I use am enzyme peel to mop up the remaining dead skin and also unclogs the pole filaments ( those pesky little blackheads that are on your nose ) I then like to rinse clean the face then apply a soothing facial oil then a SPF.

Dermaplane facial in Wymondham, Norfolk 

This facial is relaxing and I offer dermaplane facial in Wymondham, Norfolk from my home clinic which is a private and peaceful environment. The facial can be carried out once a month or every 6 weeks. I have online booking https://cdaypmuuk or Tel 07984 108764. Visit or email

Dermaplane facial in Wymondham near Norwich Norfolk

Have peach fuzz removed with dead skin to give you smoother skin
Dermaplane facial in Wymondham near Norwich


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