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Men’s Eyebrows In Norfolk, Men can have their eyebrows tattooed with hairstokes

It’s not just ladies who need their eyebrows enhanced! Micropigmentation brows , especially realistic hair strokes can be added to the existing eyebrow hair to add definition and a lift the face.

Medication, genetics or trauma can cause the eyebrows to thin with age, with micropigmentation we can enhance the eyebrows with long lasting natural results. How does the procedure work?

Men can have their eyebrows tattooed with hairstokes

I create hair strokes with a disposable cartridge needle attached to a digital pen like device , similar to a tattoo machine , I can implant micro-pigment ( matching your natural hair colour as possible ) into the upper layer of the debris, the result will look darker to start with and fill lighten and soften. 5/6 weeks later you will come back for a perfecting retouch where we can tweak anything that needs altering. I offer a consultation along with a skin patch test, during the consultation, I can pencil draw hair strokes onto your brows so you can see what the future outcome would look like. I carry out my treatments from a quiet and private home clinic in Wymondham, with parking.

If you are interested, you can book yourself on my online booking app: or call 07984108764 or email

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