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Stretch marks treatment in Norfolk

Those pesky stretch are the result of weight loss or gain.

They can appear on the top of your arms, back of your calves , thighs and stomach area.Stretch mark treatment in Norfolk

But…… did you know you can have micro needling on them….????? Micro needling is also called MCA, dry tattooing, ink less tattooing, collagen induction therapy.

Basically it is controlled trauma to the skin which encourages your skin to kick in the healing process, by encouraging your melanocytes ( natural skin colour cells ) into the area, increases collagen, flattens the Stretch mark treatment in Norfolk

Several sessions 6 weeks apart will help repair the stretch mark, which in fact is a scar.

We cannot work over the scars if they are too white and pearl looking. Stretch mark treatment in Norfolk

The procedure is fairly painless depending on what part of the body your stretch marks are. I use a digital electrical device with disposable cartridge needles, I do not use a roller. There is very little downtime, over 48 hours the area will look red and scratched.


Do not hesitate to contact me for a consultation

Tel 07984 108764

Before and straight after treatment, I will keep you posted about the results,!

Micro needling , ink less tattoooing, collagen induction therapy MCA for stretch marks
Micro needling for stretch marks Norwich, Norfolk


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